Aleem – Release Yourself [1983]

Now this right here is a fucking incredible Electro track. Its got the lot, quality vocal hooks, a pounding 808 drum machine and that deep dark oberheim/moog brapping in the background. There’s no cheese in this belter, its pure unrestricted excellence from start to finish, sublime. Release Yourself!

From Discogs
This record actually help inspired a genre of music(Freestyle) in the mid 80s. Indeed one of the most important dance song of its time. People used to go crazy when djs played this track in the 80s. Club dancer used to “freestyle” to this song. A true classic.

Timeless electro that I just never get bored of playing!
With its soulful vocal telling you to ” release yourself ” over and over, 808 drum patterns and synths that put this track right next to “Hip Hop Be Bop” ,”Al naafiysh” and “Planet rock”!!
Also appears on Electro 5 which for me is the best of the Streetsounds Electro series, absolute sublime cutting and mixing especially when it drops in from Captain Rocks ” Future shock ” ….
….And its Twenty three years old ….
Now that’s a future shock!

….this is one of the few records that i know of that you can play just about anywhere, and a few true heads will pop up and give you respect for playing. techno, soul, hip-hop, freestyle, it doesn’t even matter, this thing crossed over and got it’s due. it’s got that early sampling feel, a thick vocal, and a drum kit that beats you up on any system out there. where i’m from, it wasn’t a great big hit, but still, anytime you break it out you will get “that look” from a few folks who spent the better part of the night staring into their drinks. tune!


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