Moby – Go (Woodtick Mix) [1991]

Talk about a timeless track, Moby’s Go has held up for almost twenty years and remains as fresh as the day it was released. Although, ok, i’ll conceed, the “GO!” hit could probably do with less of a presence to make it fully water tight but hell, in the grander scheme of things, its a small note on an otherwise MONSTER tune. Sampling the theme from Twin Peaks perfectly, mixing it with a lot of effectively understated synth and piano hooks, the layering on Go is perfection. Its the track that launched Moby into the mainstream, he released some great tunes and for all its overplay, his album “Play” is an epic. What the hell happened?

From The Cans
‘Go’ is the track that launched the legend into the public gaze.

This hails from an era when tracks would be played on pirate FM radio stations several months prior to general release, giving those in the know the coolness factor over joe public.

The ‘Woodtick’ mix is the most famous mix of this track. Of course is samples the Angelo Badalamenti produced theme from the Twin Peaks TV series expertly, but possibly the real beauty with this track are the kick beats that sound as though they’re emanating from somewhere down the road.

Many years on, this track has been updated for the Moby greatest hits compilation. Indeed the updated version is very good, but it’s still the ‘Woodtick’ mix that stands out head and shoulders above all its peers.

With music licencing laws now so restrictive, we may never see another track like this again.


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