First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Full Mix) [1983]

Time to pay our respects to one of the most sampled accapella’s of all time. First Choices Salsoul helmed late Disco classic has appeared in countless tracks ranging from classic acid themes, through early house, hardcore, rave, happy hardcore, vocal trance, techno trance, psytrance, drum n bass, jungle, you name it, its used a part of this vocal. Not all that surprising though, the harmony is a classic, the vocals are powerful enough without going overboard and dominating the track – likely why its been used so often!

From Discogs
A ‘must-have’ in any DJ case and a ‘must-be’ on every ‘all time Disco list’, “Let No Man Put Asunder” was much more than a feminist anthem or underground Disco hit, as it represented a standard for a whole generation.

The acappella of this timeless Disco classic is arguably among the most sampled ever in the history of the Dance Music, just like was the music from Kraftwerk or The J.B.’s.

Shep Pettibone’s version for “Let No Man Put Asunder” on A side became an instant classic; the single also had a version by the Warehouse resident DJ Frankie Knuckles on the opposite side. The acappella and the fact that both versions were made by heros of the quality music scene from that time made this the most special release of this classic.

Strange as it may seem, the credits for this tune point the production date on 1977, but this single in particular with its versions and acappella was only released years later, in 1983. This was therefore the first pressing with the quintessential acappella by the diva Rochelle Fleming, a true relic.


3 Responses

  1. Nice! Just discovered that The Rufige Kru used a sample from this on this great classic drum and bass record:

    Good stuff , love your site!

    • Cheers Norman, took a quick look over your own, looks slick as hell mate. Thanks for the link, its banging, love the Ruffidge Kru.

      We try and get this site updated at least once a day so feel free to stop by whenever.

      Added you to the roll too, some quality tracks on that page of yours. Love the flash player too.

  2. Thanks for adding bud i got you on mine – ill be stoppin by fo sho – If your thinkin of using Flash player on here its real easy btw, get yourself a free 2GB dropbox account and you can host your mp3’s from there at no cost. check it

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