Marmion – Schöneberg (Man With No Name Remix) [1996]

‘Kin YES, another bloody epic remix from Martin Freeland. He takes the fairly middle of the road Eurotrancer and rips the guts out and reworks this… incredible remix. Its impossible resist driving bass and synths just rock its so hard ive have NEVER been able to resist it. A pure Goa/Prog House classic of epic proportions also fondly referred too as the “Ding Dong” song. GET IN!

From Discogs
A party trance anthem if ever there was one. If ever there was a track guaranteed to get any dancefloor moving, this is it.

The Original Marmion Remix has been a huge influence on the nu-nrg/hard house/hard dance scenes, but don’t let that put you off it. It starts off with the distinctive riff played on its own as though it were a call to arms. A cool chugging beat charges in as the track continues for the next minute or so. Then from out of nowhere it changes direction as a crazed synth lick rages through, the bass drops and harder beats rain down, only briefly stopping for a teasing Iberian break, before continuing into further mayhem. It finally winds down with an epic rush of peaking synths. By then you won’t know what has hit you.

The Man With No Name remix is a commendable alternative. It features all the typical Martin Freeland production techniques – big booming beats, acid squiggles, and day-glow psy trance synths. The Man With No Name has produced many excellent remixes, and this is right up there with the best of them.

An all time trance classic.

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