Xpansions – Move Your Body (Club Mix) [1990]

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, dance whilst the record spins..”

A sentence as familiar to me as any from the National Anthem, Xpansions was the 2nd piece of vinyl I ever bought, way back in 1990. The bass is heavy and choppy, a cracking break and those pitched vocals all hinted at what was to come in the world of dance music. It was remixed into a hard house floor filler back in 1996 but its the original that remains the most epic. 6 minutes of rafter swinging excellence!

From Discogs
What an amazing track! Sweet synthesizers ambient pads and one of the first “high pitched” samples i’d heard. They sampled “Theme from S-express,” or Rose Royce’s “Is it Love you’re after” (the original sample that S’Express used.) I first heard this when a DJ played this at one of Seattle’s earliest “acid house parties.” This track stuck out from all the rest that night. This track has been sampled from, as well, a few times.
This is a classic ‘old skool’ track from the golden era, if somewhat camp for the 1991-92 hardcore/rave scene. I guess it was no surprise then, that the 1995 remixes were mainly hardbag. The Tony De Vit and Blu Peter mixes haven’t dated spectacularly, but the Koolworld Productions remix is a fantastic take on the original, keeping the ravey elements and introducing harder, darker sounds. Certainly worth a check if you even slightly like the original. And is it just me, or does the original version appear to be sung by a goat?


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  1. HANDS IN THE AIR! awesome I had forgot about this one, bloody brilliant

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