Hallucinogen – Demention [1997]

‘There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there’s insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity.’
From ‘The Beyond Within: The Rise and Fall of LSD’ (BBC documentary, 1987)

The first track from Posford’s seminal The Lone Deranger just tears a hole in your speaker and drags your ass into a stroboscopic, infinately colored goa world of snakey synths, evil sweeps and so many layers you just fall. Probably one of the most mature tracks on The Lone Deranger with distinct areas to the arrangement, it feels the closest thing to a chemical journey that you’ll find with your head still attached to your shoulders. Absolutely fantastic.

From Discogs
Starting from with the well known LSD sanity-unsanity sample we slowly delve into the Demented world of Hallucinogen! Squelching acid lines meet the rolling rhythms from Twisted as sounds pop in out, creating, leading and ultimately defining the tunes. Trancespotter and Snarling being perfect examples. Horrorgram adds percussive elements to the stomping mix. Gamma Goblins features seriously twisted levels of sonic manipulation which are intense yet melodic.

The Lone Deranger is a worthy follow up to Twisted and Simon Posford has once again pushed the levels of Psytrance in a new direction by taking the old-school Goa melodies and adding the Psy influenced tech vibes. All of the tracks on this album are gold, just as Twisted. It stands the test of time and gives today’s commercial sounding “psy-trance” a run for their money, 10 years after being released! In my opinion that’s what defines a classic, It sounds just as good as the day I first heard it.

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