N-Joi – Anthem [1990]

The first 7″ I ever bought and what a cracker it is. Its also 20 years old in what… four weeks (Released beginning of May 1990). What makes this track so downright awesome? Its that drop from the beginning before your hit in the face with pure joy. You’re led in slow until Saffrons vocals kick in with the piano and catapult you into bliss. Its a track that is beloved by just about everyone I know and for good reason, N-Joi nailed the early 90’s party scene with their blend of uplifting vocals and heavy techno productions. I still have this 7″ too, in mint condition, back at the folks. 20 years and still getting used in mixes, not a bad legacy eh?

To celebrate 20 years of Anthem Brixton Jamm are throwing a monster party in Brixton I truly wish I was attending. Link here :
From DiscogsNjoi – 20yrs of Anthem

This is the 1991 re-release of Anthem, which found it’s way into the UK top ten thanks to its uplifting vocals courtesy of Saffron and a sample of Gwen Guthrie.
Of all N-Joi releases, this is probably the one which is best known commercially, however, it hugely benefits from a couple of decent remixes and the inclusion of the mighty Malfunction on side B.


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