K-Klass – Rhythm is a Mystery [1991]

Whats to say? Channeling the Ital-House piano stormers around at the same time the Welsh/Northern England guys dropped this uplifting belter in 1991. Caned by just about everyone, its definately a track that hasnt done badly on the aged front. Likely due to the lack of any cheese heavy synth riffs, opting instead for that driving piano, acid sweep and strings. The vocal is known by everyone, sing along, sweep your feel and let go – classic dance tune.

From Discogs
This is one of those classic records with other tracks on it that have been totally dwarfed by the lead track, even though that lead track was famous for its remix on a different record!

So skipping the formalities, you should head straight for track B2.
Manchester’s Creed and FRO were well known for bringing over Euro Techno tracks so there can be no surprise when they bring up new talent like K Klass, who develop a similar sound. The track mentioned is a wonderfully atmospheric gasp, nodding politely to the Orb and taking in samples off vaguely familiar adverts, this belies a subtle aggression which pins down the Euro House sound of the time and elevates it to something quite beautiful.


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