Bomb The Bass – Megablast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13) [1988]

Tim Simenon. A name that should be etched onto every sampler ever released since he’s one of the true sample masters of our time. Bomb The Bass pretty much defined the mainstream UK Sample culture of the late eighties. This was Simenon and Mark Saunders’ masterstroke of pure unstopable sample breakage. Lifting huge chunks from John Carpenters Assault on Precinct 13 title track, chopping it together with a cornucopia of different sample sources and effects made Megablast one of their first big hits. It was so popular it was one of the very first commercially licenced tracks to find its way into a popular video game – Xenon II from the then unstoppable Bitmap Brothers. Ask any gamer who owned an Amiga or ST at the beginning of the nineties and they will all tell you that it was Megablast that kept them in the groove while playing the game, the hypnotic synth stab of Carpenters track, the rocking break all combined created an experience not since recreated in a horizontal “Shoot-em-up”. Absolutely monster tune.


2 Responses

  1. Damn! you beat me too it! you must be a mind reader I purchased a copy of xenon 2 last month and have been firing up the amiga 500, forgot Ps3 or xbox that game beats them all! that and speedball 2… need to check the new bomb the bass LP! niceone hope your well bro – al

  2. I love the fact your still playing your A500. I have been very naughty and have had mine boxed up with my parents for ages. I feel horribly guilty.

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