Terrorize – Just A Feelin’ [1992]

“Take me awaaaaaaayyyy yaaeaaah, yeaaaah eeyaeeaah yeaaah, what a feelin’ !”
Makes me rush EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Takes all my concentration not to get my arms in the air šŸ™‚

What a bloody incredible ’92 hardcore tune. No messing around, this was fucking massive. Piano’s, heavy hoover synths and a screaming vocal. In my opinion there is literally nothing not to like in this track. That hoover alone is so badass you could just play that section over and over but Just a Feelin’ has the best ups and downs of just about any other hardcore tune ever released! Shapes-tastic!

From Discogs
Track A1 is a surprisingly banging and very uplifting house remix of this track! Some excellent synth lines, far different from the released version of this, combined with a typical house beat of the 1992/93 era.
A2 is the orginal mix, so it does not need much description. A severely banging tune in its own right!
B1 is very different. More in an early trance vein. It has much added piano, completely re-worked synth lines, and is incredibly driving. A lot of arpeggiation of the themes from the original mix, combined with some 303 acidic goodness. Definitely as uplifting as the other two mixes, with a quite epic quality. This mix definitely would have fit into one of John Kelley’s “Funky Desert Breaks” mix sets, I think!
All in all, an incredible record, as all 3 mixes are amazing! Good luck in your search!!!

The piano riff at the start of this tune has a very Bizzare Inc feel to it and like playing with Knives lauches into a pretty hard hoover stab after the smooth piano’s. The tune therefore has really mad sections with smooth piano sections in between for you to put your hands in the air and take a breather. Essentially the format for a lot of 91 and 92 hardcore – this tune has it down to a tee


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  1. now thats not fair, making me dance about at 1am after the pub. niceone! HANDS UP!

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