Paul Simpson feat Adeva – Musical Freedom (Free At Last) [1989]

Probably one of the first tracks I ever truly adored as a kid, Musical Freedom is a House/Garage monster driven purely on by Adeva’s earth shattering vocal talent. The track itself is a nice, friendly garagey number, its got a decent piano break, enjoyable moog. Its a decent tune from Paul Simpson. I can only assume he felt the same way, called up some friends for a vocalist and (chances the gods were smiling on him that day) brought in Adeva. Probably one of the finest female vocalists in living memory. Her vocals dont just lift the track, they knock it out of orbit. I cant beat around the bush here, I fucking love Adeva. She is probably one of my top three favourite vocalists of all time.

Yeah its dated pretty badly with the choppy Luther King samples but accept it as a product of the time, just listen to Adeva’s voice. Its all you need to pay attention too for 6 minutes of bliss.


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