Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child? [1988]

One of the finest pure acid releases of the time, probably why its so beloved. The acid riff in this track just eats away at your brain while evil, vocoded monotone lyrics question endlessly “Where’s your child”. You can loose yourself in the depth of that 303 for hours, only to be brought crashing back to reality when the glass break sample shatters your trance.

From Discogs
In my opinion this is Bam Bams finest work. It’s the TR808 Programming and slow melodic groove that catches you until the TB303 really does your head damage 🙂 I used to play this record constantly in 88, a true acid house classic.

A definitive Acid track with a kicking bass and an hypnotic 808? riff the spooky “where’s your child, breaking glass etc….”, I used to listen to this track (amongst others) before going to a party and laugh out loud at the irony of the lyrics as I lived at home with my parents and they didn’t have a clue about what I did at weekends until I decided to come clean and confess many years later in a moment of guilt ( They were really ok about it ALL ), but no regrets though! this track always brings me back to where I used to be, although it’s not my favourite!


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  1. what a track lovley!

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