Shut Up & Dance – The Green Man (Rum & Black Remix) [1991]

Shut Up & Dance. Goddam Genius. Responsible for pioneering some of the most cutting edge bedroom production back at the beginning of the nineties.

Death is Not The End is a bloody incredible album and while most of their notoriety is due to 10 second of a Marc Cohen track, The Green Man is the track everyone and their mum knows. Found originally on the B-Side of the Autobiography 12″, the Rum & Black mix is the absolute best of the bunch. A minimal breakbeat pounder that just screams “I was made to get your ass on the floor and moving”. Wicked.

From Discogs
The importance of Shut Up & Dance can never be underestimated. They were pioneers of the whole breakbeat rave sound along with the likes of Rob Playford and Altern-8. This was music to dance to. Simple yet so effective.

Shut up & Dance can, more than anyone, lay claim to having pretty much invented jungle. When Acid House was still the in thing, Shut Up & Dance were adding breakbeats to the formula with dark twisted basslines and atmospherics, making records that sounded so unique.

I’ve often said that breaks has never been the same since the old rave days, the tunes don’t have the same bounce, melody or groove. Modern breaks artist should look at how these tunes were made and take note. We don’t want to hear uber produced tunes with god knows how many sequences or layers. We want tunes to dance to. You only need to listen to the eerie “Dance Before The Police Come” or “£10 to get in” or “The Green Man” to hear their genius. That’s also without mentioning the infamous “Raving I’m Raving”.

I’m not even going to write about their record label either ‘cos i’d be here all day. Sometimes i feel that the whole DIY ethic is missing from dance today which is a shame. There’s no feeling of unity anymore because money killed it. Shut Up & Dance, we salute you for doing you own thing. Thanks.


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  1. absolutley, one of the the greatest, no in fact THE greatest shut up and dance track ever, without a shadow of a doubt. Simple and deadly 🙂 they just dont make em like this any more 🙂

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