Underworld – Dirty Epic [1994]

Way before Born Slippy and all the other tripe Underworld produced in the late nineties/early 2000’s came Dirty Epic, an absolute monster progressive house tune. So what you have here is a track so forward thinking im still catching it on mixes to this day. Why? Have a listen, its a fucking beast of a tune. Heavily layered, sweeping synths and strings with a vocal that pushes the track along rather than dominating it. Nine minutes of complete and total bliss.

From Stylus Magazine
Somewhere in the hardbound, dust-jacketed Bible of Pop there lies a formula, a kind of master one-sheet for the rules and conditions that make for a “classic moment in pop music.” Something along the lines of “thou shalt not exceed three-and-a-half minutes,” “thou shalt discuss God or sex but not both at the same time,” “thou shalt have a discernable snare,” etc.

I won’t go so far as to say that “Dirty Epic” shatters all conventions of pop songcraft, but it certainly places little faith (no pun intended) in the most obvious ones. Rarely does less happen over the course of ten full minutes in quite so grandiose a fashion as it does here.
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