House traffic – Every Day Of My Life (Interstrada Mix) [1994]

Its been a bit serious round here of late, lots of serious “proper tunes”. So I warn you, we’re hitting cheese-factor seven with this Ital/Euro house belter. You know whats comming the minute that panpipe kicks off. You know where its going. You know that for the next six minutes your going to have your skull bashed by Oberheims, Moogs, Strings pianos and gospel vocals.

Used solely as an end of nighter, the last but last one to get everyone back up off their mullered arses at 6am. The only part of the whole track I cant stand is the disco interlude. But its a minute thirty that never made it into any night I know of – of course you cant quote me on that, 6am is damn late when you havent been to bed.

So put your hands up, gurn a bit cause its a rafter swinging classic.

The equally excelent Highway Mix


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