Ken Doh – Nagasaki [1996]

There was A LOT of shit house releases between 95 and 97 but this was not one of them. It literally leapt out of the speakers when I first heard it, a pefect dance track. Its got easy vocal licks, a killer synth riff that you cant forget and a four to the floor beat with a bassdrum thats warm and heavy. I have a stack of memories of me throwing my arms around inside any given club of the time. A track that reminds me of the days before I had to start behaving myself!

From Discogs
This record was a landmark tune on the UK club circuit in 1996. For a commercial track, the tune features a rather long break down in the middle of the track. The tune builds back up again to one of the best climaxes of the era, The pianos kick in, and the vocal mix features (unusually again for the era) a male voice singing “I need a lover tonight..”. The tune was a very big hit and exposed a lot of clubbers familiar only with top 40 club hits to a formula that would later prevail much more on the underground circuit. The quality of this piece was such that the non vocal piano mix was the usual track to get the club play.


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