David Axelrod – Holy Thursday (1969)

Taken from 1969 Lp “songs of innocence”

Jazz? Fusion? Thursday? Holy thursday!!



2 Responses

  1. Ha, this is bloody EPIC, what a track! Hope your doin good man – you’ve been seven kinds of cryptic of late. Alright here though!

  2. Hey bro Im doing fine 🙂 just been really busy, got some good news (but keep it a secret chloe says im not supposed to tell anyone for another week until the scan is clear) were gonna be parents!! I know, I know what if the poor child has ginger hair….. also me and my friend marcus have signed back up to facebook under a false name as we wanted me to keep the mixtape page going, I dont check it that offten under the name “tommy Brookdale” lol hope your well bro what you up working on at the moment? Checked out GI joe the effects were spot on!! hope you and fam are well I’ve got some classics to post up this weekend, not had a chance to post them yet as i,ve been working 10 hours days so keep falling asleep after work, must be old age!!

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