Roy Ayers – Running Away [1977]

Oh Roy, how we love you. Mr Ayers is responsible for some of the most recognizable jazz funk releases of the late 70’s and early 80’s. His sound is so crafted its completely irresistible. This outing is one of his best known releases but luckily someone uploaded the full release rather than the regular edit so we get 7 minutes of funk bliss.

From Discogs
Thanks to his trombone playing father and piano teaching mother, he became immersed in music from day one and the story goes that he was given his first set of vibe mallets by his hero Lionel Hampton at the age of five. Constantly performing and recording since the 1960’s, he is the most well known jazz vibraphonists. He has produced some of the most loved modern soul-jazz records of all time. Classics beyond genre such as, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”, most influential afro-jazz with musician Fela Kuti, “Africa – Centre Of The World”, and the most seminal jazz-funk, such as “Running Away”. Roy Ayers is ageless and evergreen, and as per the title of another one of hits, remember “We All Live In Brooklyn Baby”.


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  1. awesome! brilliant track đŸ™‚

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