The Orb – Blue Room (Part 1) (1992)

Taken from 1992 LP “UF Orb” on Big Life Records

From discogs  –

Long-running UK ambient group, originally formed by Jimmy Cauty (of KLF, The) and Alex Paterson. Pioneers of the early-90’s “ambient house” genre.
“I believe this is one of the Top Ten all time electronic music albums ever! I’ve listened to this album for more than 12 years now and it never ceases to amaze me. The beautifully textured and complex layers of sound and rhythm morph from one track into the next, yet each track works equally well on it’s own. Some parts are haunting and quiet while others make you wanna get up and dance. This album is a trip through peaks and valleys, crafted to perfection by The Orb.”
After a hard day at work this peice of art still manages to have a narcotic effect after 18 years!! gwarn the orb!

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  1. Defies explanation its so beyond awesome. I love Blue Room. LOVE. IT.

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