Matrix and Futurebound – Coast to Coast (Ft. Louis Smith) [2007]

If your gonna do a “liquid” (man I hate that term) Drum & Bass track you can do a lot worse than this belter from Matrix & Futurebound. Like any DnB tune should be, huge and enveloping I think its only the canned break that really lets the track down. But I think that can be said for most of these liquid tunes – half of them sound like they got Pendulums Library Breaks’ CD in the mail šŸ™‚ Despite that, this track is an absolute blinder, huge piano and strings and a classic vocal wraps this into one of the best produced tunes in my opinion of 2007.

From Discogs
The B Side however really is a bit special, kinda epic rock sounding with one of the most original vocals I have heard in a D&B track-Think classic FUGAZI vocals & lyrics & you are halfway ther.

I’m under obligation to leave a comment here. I got into electronic music at around 13 years old and yet it wasn’t for another 18 years or so that i really started to appreciate drum & bass. Coast To Coast wasn’t my first favourite, but without question it eclipsed everything else i’ve heard either before or since. Full of energy, but i’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the subtle piano in the background that’s made me love it like i do. I took this travelling with me the other year and listened to it on a daily basis without getting bored of it at any point. Truly a tune that’s opened up my musical tastes to a new direction.


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