Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out (Original Scratchadelic Mix) (1991)

Taken from 1991 12 inch on Suburban Base Records –

From discogs –

Ultimate bangin’ piano, hands in the air stuff. I was at the first tribal gathering on Salisbury Plain, when Danny Breaks (doing a PA) hit the keys for the intro – the place went nuts! No record better encapsulates jungle / piano / hardcore heaven than this 12″. Not only does it have euphoric piano, the beat is guaranteed to get you dancing. Just when you though it couldn’t get any more rushy (yes, we’ve all been there), Sonz then released the Further Out mix – more synth, more hands in the air, more hugging, more rushing. One of my most treasured 12″‘ers.
During the famous Woodstock concert in the 60s a woman gave birth to a child. This birth was announced to the audience by some one on the stage with the words:


Most importantly this very vocal sample was used in one of the great rave tunes of all time.



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