Hijack – The Syndicate Outta Jail [1991]

Yes, its time for some more Hijack! I think this could be my 2nd favourite on the album, simply for the opening 2 verses. Im a huge fan of stripping back the track to freestyle beats when the lyrics are as tight as they are in this belter.

From Discogs
A Sampling Masterpiece, predating MR Shadow by 5 years. Considering the price of RAM at the time these guys squeezed every ounce of their machines.

The way the poetry interjects with the breaks and bass is amazing.
Serious statements smack with the bass or clever drum rolls provide punch lines for the witty bits leading into spooky crescendo’s.

Each track has a main scratch break which is used sparingly and effectively to put the message across

Hardcore with Class & Humor XX


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