Joe Smooth – The Promised Land (12″ Vocal Mix) [1987]

Time to pay our respects on this Saturday to one of the greatest tracks of all time. Despite the fact it was actually released what, twenty three years ago it has not lost any of its appeal. Smooth’s voice is perfect and while some of the production certainly harkens back to the early days of House music, for the most part I dont think its ever actually dated. Proper singalong tune, reminds me of being in the chillout room at Goodbye Cruel World, chatting shit and singing with people I didnt know, drinking in this classic in every sense of the word.

From Discogs
Sundaymorning, 7 am. You have been dancing and jumping around at this beach party since 11 pm last night, meeting new people and having a good time in general. The place is still packed. You look at the sea, you know the sun is about to rise. And at that exact point in time and space, with the sun rising, the DJ drops “The Promised Land” by Joe Smooth, the ultimate housemusic celebration and sing-along anthem. You get overwhelmed by feelings of joy, get tears in your eyes and you hug people you have never met before. This is the true house feeling. Welcome to the family.


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  1. perfect for a bit of sunday morning bedroom dancing!

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