Hysterix – Talk To Me (Sasha’s Full Music Master Mix) [1994]

We’ve been a bit light on Sasha of late and frankly its criminal. This is another massive remix of his, its another classic slice of progressive house found on the Renaissance Volume One album. Its a cracking arms in the air stormer, feel that foot tap!

From Discogs
Sasha’s version of “Talk To Me” has a repeating sample that always eluded me in the past when I first heard this track. The sample I am referring to comes from Big Audio Dynamite II’s classic 1991 track “The Globe”. Its a wonderful sample used in combination with the overlaying breakbeat. The female vocals have been vocaded with the right amount and slowly begins to filter back to the original. A wonderful masterpiece!

Im a big Sasha fan although Im the first to admit that during the early 90’s he must have accepted every single remix he was offered!!. Hence a good proportion of them are fairly average. This outstanding mix of Hysterix is by far one of Sasha’s best ever remixes, I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking how fresh and uplifting it sounded. With a great break, some great cords, the original vocal stuttered up to fuck, this was one of the highlights of Sasha & Digweeds Renaissance Mix and IMO one of the best tunes from the mid 1990’s.


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