D-Shake – Technotrance [1990]

Bass Synth led stormer from Aad de Mooy. A Todd Terry favorite, plagiarized for 20 years, it still stands as a defining example of pure techno.

From Discogs
If I had to choose one record as my all-time favorite, this would be it. A hardcore warehouse jam, but with a very fierce “gay” disco bassline that will rock any conceivable dancefloor. The song has a looped “yaaaah” refrain that is downright perverse, punctuated by wooh’s from the Little Richard school of self-expression. And yet, the track also has a very tuff hip hop edge, thanks to another sample that goes, “Make some noise!,” and militant rat-a-tat-tat drum sticks. (So much street edge, in fact, that Kris Bonez of Genaside II once cited it in an interview as inspiration to make his own sample-based dance music.) In my view, the record is total amalgamation of “gay” and “street” elements which works unlike any other. Peerless.


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  1. excellent track I’d missed this one!

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