The Blue Boy – Remember Me (Original Mix) [1997]

Sure, you couldnt move Summer 97 for this track, its for good reason. The Marleena Shaw vocal from “Woman of the Ghetto” gets a serious workout, the bassline is crisp and catchy and the break is designed solely for headnodding. Just a class tune.

From Discogs
Escaping this track was near impossible in 1997, the vocal editing of the Marlena Shaw sample gave it that really catchy “geng-ge-ga-geng” hook that most people would know the track by. It’s awardwinning video with it’s stunning timeshifting shots would help it even more but before all of that you had the original track since the Sure Is Pure remix was used on radio,telly and anywhere else.

The original which originally came out on the “Scattered Emotions Ep” on Guidance is a really stripped down track. Lex Blackmore took a drumloop, strapped on a bassline and worked the Marlena Shaw samples over the track. Fairly simple track but it worked really well. Most would first encounter the track after it became the main track off Mark Farina’s “Mushroom Jazz” mixcd.

Sure Is Pure’s remix is basicly a big beefup, several new melodies was added, a heavier percussion groove was built on and the bassline was tightened up. It would also have this quirky fx that fascinated me from the first listen. It’s fuller nature would be perfect for the masses since the stripped down nature of the original wouldn’t work that well.

Rae & Christian would tackle this remix in a whole different direction, more of the Marlena Shaw sample would be used and worked into a hiphopgroove. By using not only vocal parts but also instrumental parts it adds some jazzy tones to the groove.
This remix is more kin to the real original than Lex Blackmore’s rework and is criminally overlooked.


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