Urban Shakedown – Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix) [1991]

Massively caned and for good reason, its a belting bassline monster. Chuck in some Ce Ce Rodgers vocals and your well on your way! Still love it even after 19 (yes NINETEEN) years.

From Discogs
The history behind this tune is that Aphrodite was playing a demo version of this tune to Ray Keith in City Sounds. Mickey Finn was is the shop at the time, and he, Aphrodite and Claudio Guissani decided to wotk together on it. After the meeting they added the Ce Ce Rogers sample and the Run DMC break, and Voila! a hardcore classic was born.

Some Justice was actually written on two Amigas. To synchronise them they had a pattern of clicks on each Amiga which looped before the tracks started. They basically kept starting the tracks until the clicks were in sync. That’s how they got 8 track audio before the Amiga 1200 came out and without using programs such as OctaMED which further degraded the 8-bit sound quality when using more than the Amiga’s 4 hardware sound channels


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