The Prodigy – Your Love (Original Mix) [1991]

One of the greatest Piano led hardcore tracks of all time, likely responsible for converting throngs of wallflowers into massive gurning beasts. Unabashedly uplifting it grabs your lapels gives you a good old fashioned shake around the dancefloor until your face hurts. The Prodigy have done a lot in their career but I dont think anyone could say that Howlett wasnt talented after listening to the 6 minutes of pure bliss that is Your Love. Epic.

Incidentally, the live PA from the Prodigy at Amnesia’s Book Of Love remains my very favourite version on this belter. What a buildup, chills everytime.
The Prodigy – Your Love (Live at Amnesia Book Of Love)

From Discogs
Records that change lives. This surely is amongst them – although not for the title track Charly, for which it has become know. The main reason this record became so popular and broke through to the mainstream charts was because of the B-side… the seminal ‘Your Love’. A track that still holds its ground today, which is surely a sign of a masterful piece of music.
Your Love became very popular on the scene, and this record started to sell to begin with for that track alone. Some would argue Pandemonium had a hand it in too, but let’s not kid ourselves. Great as it is. I should also add that version of Your Love that appears on this records differs greatly, and stands head and shoulders above the version which appears on the 1st Prodigy album – Experience (although that may be a little bit of nostalgia creeping in, but I don’t think so).
Charly of course features the rather annoying cat – who I used to love as a kid but now can’t stand – from the ‘Stranger Danger’ public information films that were broadcast on TV, urging children not to go off with people they didn’t know. Sound advice. As would be to pick yourself up a copy of Charly. But again not for the title track. This record for me, and for thousands of others, will always remain all about one track in particular. My love. Your love. Everybody’s love.


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  1. one of the best tracks from “back in the day” awesome

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