SL2 – Bassquake (Demolition Mix) [1991]

Cheeky acid and sub-bass stormer from SL2. Heavy on the rolling bassline and some chewy acid riffs keep the sounds fresh. Its never going to win any awards for balls out awesomeness but lets be honest, when that bassline kicks in, the smiles abound.

From Discogs
In 1985 Slipmatt & Lime began recordeding Hip-Hop demo’s with north London Rap duo, Gino & Mikey. In 1988, along with many others, they began going to Raves and switched allegiances from Hip-Hop to House. At one of the raves they met a crew from Ilford that included future DJ Devious D, and a 16 year old MC called Jay J. Soo after they formed SL2 with Jay J on the mic.
SL2 signed to B-Ware Records for their first release, an acid house record called “Do That Dance”. Although the record sold well they were ripped off by the label which meant they saw no money from the release. The next 2 years saw them DJing and setting up the pirate radio station Raw FM with 3 other DJ’s. In 1991 they set up their own label “Awesome”. One of their 2 releases was “DJ’s Take Control” that sold 3500 copies and attracted the attention of XL recordings. Signing to XL, SL2 had three top 30 hits and performed all over the UK, both as DJ sets and live PA’s…


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