Evolution – Metropolis [1991]

Beyond awesome, Evolution is an epic tune thats pretty much instantly recognisable. There’s a bunch of different mixes as well as a few impromtu set mixes that have since been recreated. Bottom line, its a sweeping, riff churning stomper.

The Mixes;
Evolution – Metropolis (Sasha’s Piano Dub)
Evolution – Metropolis (Sasha’s Piano Dub v Rosario v Chase)
Evolution – Metropolis(Sasha’s Piano Dub v Dupree’s Brass Disc)

From Discogs
A moment of pure clarity from Sasha. Done over a decade ago, it still has the right ingredients to move a crowd. The breakdowns are lengthy, filled with body-chilling pianos. The four-on-the-floor beat chugs along with a nice snapping snare. If you can get your hands on this rare gem, consider yourself fortunate!

One of the best ‘piano’ tracks to ever be released. Put either one of the mixes on, close your eyes and you could be stood in the middle of Shelleys…… only not surrounded by tons of gorgeous, scantily clad young ladies. Oh well, you can’t have everything.


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