CJ Bolland – The Prophet [1996]

Absolute mastery of techno this track. Its got a bassdrum so hard its like being beaten across the back with a bat and is grandiose in its execution, its impossible not to completely loose yourself in it. An absolutely seminal piece of techno-trance, that I think few have managed to equal. Absolute Bliss…

Sample taken from The Last Temptation Of Christ

From Discogs
Born in Yorkshire in 1971 but transplanted to Belgium when he was only three, CJ Bolland received an early education in dance music; his parents ran a club in Antwerp, and his mother DJed there. He grew up listening to the synthesizer music of several eras — from Jean-Michel Jarre to Front 242 and the Neon Judgement — but began devoting most of his time to house and techno by the late ’80s.


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