Together – Hardcore Uproar [1991]

Like it needs an introduction. I would credit this as one of the tracks that probably turned me off my Hip-Hop leaning path back to the heavier techno sounds of hardcore. It was close but with a gurntacular piano riff like this who could blame me? Its so good that I credit it still with being in my top five records of all time. I could put it down to nostalgia but once that piano break gets going, I challenge anyone not to smile and start tapping their feet. Its the very example of why I love so many early nineties independent house tracks. It wasnt done for the money, it was done cause two guys with a synthesiser wanted to get their track played at their favourite club, The Hacienda.


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From Discogs
‘Hardcore Uproar’ was written and pressed as a white-label with the specific aim of getting it played at the legendary Hacienda nightclub in Manchester. Not only did it get played there but the track proved so popular that it went on to get a commercial release and reached #12 in the UK music chart.
Suddi is still based in Manchester, has composed the music for numerous video games and now has his own audio design company.
Tragically Jonathon and his girlfried Emma (who provided the vocals on The Together Mix listed below) were both killed in a road accident on the island of Ibiza, circa 1991. R.I.P. A tribute night for them called Harmony was held at the Hacienda in September 1991.


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