Jean-Jacques Perrey – EVA [1970]

Taken from Jean-Jacques Perrey’s album Moog Indigo, the French synth master tore up the early 70’s funk sound with this genius cut of Electro-Funk excellence. Yes, we all know it as the sample from “Just to Get A Rep” by Gangstarr but is it not in another league. The guys did well to only “borrow” parts. The full track is too large for anyone but Perrey to contain…

From Discogs
Jean-Jacques Perrey was born in France in 1929. He was studying medecine in Paris when he met George Jenny, inventor of the Ondioline. Quitting medical school, Perrey travelled through Europe demonstrating this keyboard ancestor of the modern synth.
After moving to New York he befriended Robert Moog and became one of the first Moog musicians, creating “far out electronic entertainment”. In 1965 Perrey met Gershon Kingsley, a former accomplice to John Cage. Together, using Ondioline and Perrey’s loops, they created two albums for Vanguard: The In Sound From Way Out (1966) and Kaleidoscopic Vibrations (1967). Perrey & Kingsley collaborated on sound design for radio and television advertising. Perrey returned to France, composing for television, scoring for ballet and continuing medical research into therapeutic sounds for insomniacs.


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