The Infinity Project – Stimuli [1995]

Simon Posford does it again with this Psytrance / Progressive stormer. It found itself being caned by Oakie on his legendary Goa Mixes, subsequently appearing on every Fluro mix album and from that point, in just about every trance and progressive house set going. The dark bass keeps the track pounding along, the sprinkling of classic ambience vocals and a face ripping synth riff make it a standout.

From Discogs
Raja Ram, a trained jazz flautist and member of the 1960’s band Quintessence, formed The Infinity Project in 1989 along with Graham Wood. In December of that year they organised their first party and played their first primitive tracks. Over the next few years The Infinity Project started releasing their first material on labels such as Fabulous and Dragonfly Records. Then in 1994, Raja Ram and Graham Wood, along with Ian St. Paul, formed the legendary Goa Trance label TIP Records.

Simon Posford (Hallucinogen), although not a full member of The Infinity Project has co-produced/engineered many of their tracks, and has a long-standing friendship and musical partnership with Raja Ram. Other notable collaborators include Martin Freeland (Man With No Name) and Nick Barber (Doof). By 1998 The Infinity Project had split-up, with Raja Ram and Graham Wood concentrating on their other projects.

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  1. awsome track! I do believe that i may have danced to this tune on a beach in goa 10 years ago, good times!

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