Shades of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (Extended Mix) [1991]

From their first release Shades of Rhythm could do nothing wrong, they released a glut of 6 tracks, all legendary in their own right, all with massive airplay and burnt themselves into the hearts of every hardcore junkie around the world. Known for putting on an excellent live show, they skirted the fine line between the rapidly exploding underground rave scene as well as gaining commercial recognition for their slick production. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

From Discogs
Its 1991. Its August. Its 6am. You are stood in the middle of a field but you cant remember where. The sun is just rising up above the skyline and as the first rays lick your exhausted body you hear boomin out of the sound system “my Sweet Sensation…tion…tion” and as you look around you see 30,000 people just explode and go f@ckin mental. Who needs e’s when you have Shades of Rhythm. Legendary.


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