Landlord Featuring Dex Danclair – I Like It (Blow Out Dub Mix) [1989]

From fucking Canada of all places, this is the one, this is the source of “that” acid stab piano break. The Blow Out Dub being the version that’s been CANED on decks across the world for years. The piano has been sampled, cut, repurposed, used backwards, forwards in everything from Acid House to Nu-Breaks and I fucking love it. It embodies everything I love about the late 80’s sound – two guys, in a bedroom with a synthesiser, a drum machine and a dream of getting people on their feet. Fucking AMAZING track.

From Discogs
THAT piano riff on the Blow Out Dub spawned a million other releases that ‘interpreted’ it in their own way. The piano stab itself must have got degraded down to about a 1000th generation sample by the time it had done the rounds, god knows how many other hardcore stabs since have been made out of this original sound?

I would not call this a “Techno” track, for me it sounds very close to Larry Heard’s “Fingers Inc”. B-side mixes are awesome (all of them sounding different), A-side contains the classic synth stabs. I agree about the “Rave” stabs being sampled many times and being INSTANTLY familiar! Get this release!

One of the all-time house music classics – but that little bit more obscure than most of its counterparts. A piano riff that will be instantly familiar.


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  1. spot on, this tune has alot to answer for!

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