Hallucinogen – Orphic Thrench [1995]

Dont ask me how I got from True Faith Synth-Pop to Goa trance, ive no idea 🙂 Simon Cosford’s first outing as Hallucinogen and what a fucking album Twisted is. An absolute masterstroke of synth manipulation crammed into 60 minutes of pounding Psytrance beats. I know there’s any number of favourites but this bad boy always keeps me comming back, probably the growling buildup taking you to god knows where by the end of the track. Guaranteed to make me loose it, everytime.

From Discogs
Simon Posfords sound Defines Goa/Psy Trance, although he’s been involved in many other sucessfull projects “Twisted” remains the masterpiece. Faultless dark electronic music it’s the soundtrack to the furthest reaches of your imagination. Sumpremely powerfull, and sounds as fresh now (2006) as it did in 1994. Simon Posford deserves every bit of credit as one of electronic music’s pioneers.
This was a masterpeice when it came out. When the sample in ‘Shamanix’ told us “..the way i feel now, i’m not going to sleep for a year..i’m on fucking fire!” , we all felt it too when that warped acid line ripped in. And LSD..nothing more needs be said about what a great tune that was, and still is. In my opinion, some stuff on here hasn’t dated so well, but if you want to know what was happening in the underground in 1995, look no further than this.


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