Hallucinogen – LSD [1994]

Posford pretty much standardised the Goa trance sound right off the bat with this legendary (and I dont use that lightly) release. Prior to this, the Goa Trance (or Trance Dance) sound was merely a variant on the acid house / prog house sound that had been doing the rounds in the early 90’s. With the release of Alpha Centauri / LSD, Posford literally jumpstarted the expansion of soundscapes that would come to embody the Goa sound of the mid to late 90’s.

“ I believe with the advent of acid we discovered new way to think and it had to do with piecing together new thoughts of mind. Why is it that people think it’s so evil? What is it about it that scares people so deeply? Because they are afraid that there is more to reality than they have ever confronted. That there are doors that they’re afraid to go in and they don’t want us to go in there either because if we go in, there we might learn something that they don’t know. And that makes us a little out of their control. ”

From Discogs
I have had few experiences as powerful as the first time I heard this track at sunrise on a remote beach with 200 crazed party people. Nearly 10 years later, this track sends sends chills through my body. When the bassline hits in the second half, it brings tears to my eyes still. Probably the best Goa/Psy-trance track ever made, because so few understand how really difficult it is to make an authentically positive and uplifting track without being cheesy. It’s too easy to make something dark and heavy.

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