Mr Lif – Live From The Plantation (2002)

Taken from 2002 Lp on Def Jux Records.

From discogs –

Jeffrey Haynes
Born: 1977, Boston, Massachusetts, to parents of Bajan descent.

“Mr. Lif has become perhaps the most touted lyricist in Boston Hip-Hop history” (Boston Phoenix 12/1/00). Since his 1997 debut on Brick Records Rebel Alliance LP, Mr. Lif has released numerous singles, an EP and a live album to international critical acclaim. 1998’s “Elektro,” and 1999’s “Triangular Warfare,” which featured B-side production from underground kingpin El-P (then of Company Flow), introduced the world to Lif’s infectious delivery and distinct voice. In the Fall of 1999 Lif hooked up with the Beastie Boy’s Grand Royal Records for the release of his third single “Farmhand” as part of the 12″ series Blow up Factor. The year 2000 marked the release of Lif’s first EP Enters the Colossus on Definitive Jux Records, prefaced by the lead single “Front on This.” This past year, Mr. Lif did what few hip-hop artists have ever tried to do, he released a live album. Live at the Middle East brings to life Mr. Lif’s incredible energy and ability, as he performs all the classics, plus introduced three new songs to the masses.

Four-time Boston Music Awards winner, Mr. Lif has toured the world, performing alongside the very best in Hip-Hop and beyond, including; Eminem, The Roots, Company Flow, Busta Rymes, Burning Spear, Souls of Mischief, Cannibal Ox, KRS-One, Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Roni Size Reprazent, Tortoise, Zap Mama and many, many more.

As a lyricist, Mr. Lif offers Hip-Hop through the eyes of an intelligent man who is passionate about his art form. He commands the attention of his peers and seeks to inspire them to search for Knowledge of Self. Within one song, he may launch an attack on the American educational system while delivering an onslaught of battle rhymes that will make Hip Hop fans reminiscent of park jams back in ’88. Mr. Lif uses a powerful command of vocabulary to create vast and precise images. Listeners receive an intense lyrical package that contains highly visual content delivered via polyrhythmic flows, a voice full of character and authority, as well as a compelling sincerity that will blow your mind.


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  1. This is a fucking TUNE! /me purchases.

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