Lotek – CTRL ALT DEL (2009)

Part of Lotek Hi fi soundsystem, lotek’s solo video on Big Dada Records 2009

Taking influence from reggae, rather than the jazz and funk influenced stylings of his American counterparts; Lotek explores the evolution of hip hop by way of the Reggae Sound System culture. He looks to Jamaica for inspiration and takes pride in continuing the great tradition of UK artists working with, and interpreting, the sounds of Jamaica. This direction is more than evident in the sound and feel of his forthcoming album, Rebel HiFi.

Control Alt Delete, the first single from Rebel Hifi, is a dancehall reggae ode to the love/hate relationship we all have with computers. The track itself is as infectious as it is funny and will have you dancing and laughing at the same time. The subject is such that it transcends the hip hop and reggae culture, appealing to anyone who has ever sworn or shaken their fist at a computer. Ironically for Lotek this song, written originally in jest, has begun to ring true, “Since writing the track I have lost two laptops and three hard-drives; one of the hard-drives literally caught fire! During the making of the video the director’s laptop died…maybe my next song should be about winning the lottery!”



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