Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam – Let the Beat Hit ‘Em (C&C Club Mix) [1991]

Clivilles & Cole house the living shit out of this classic vocal stormer. You know the vocal, you know the beats and this is where its from. Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam is one of my classic guilty pleasures, commercially produced dance music from two of the biggest producers of the time. Awesome vocal, I defy you not to smile 🙂

From Discogs
The original track is amazing, and this remix is just as good, albeit in a completely different way. Instead of being a breakbeat-driven affair, C+C up the tempo to 122 and make this a classic deep house cut. For all intents & purposes this is a totally new track (the vocals are pretty drastically changed & the melody is completely different), but it is just as good as the original.


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