Leo Anibaldi – Bassbar [1991]

Taken from Anibaldi’s absolutely groundbreakingly awesome Noise Generation EP. Then immortalised by Top Buzz at the legendary 91/92 NYE sets of Big Bad Head/Raindance & Fantazia Westpoint, this is simply an epic acid hardcore stormer. Leo Anibaldi is a genius. Period.

From Discogs
Leo Anibaldi is one of the few real talented and gifted producers in the electronic scene, perhaps – I dare to say – on the same level of Richard D. James (because of his different approach of music and gear in general). Not only Mister Anibaldi really knows how to use his analogue gear, he’s also able to create a unique sound or universe with it, a twisted, bizarre and even holocaustic atmosphere.
A lot of rumours were spread about the personal situation of Mister Anibaldi (drugs, he would live in Amsterdam etc.), I don’t know if these rumours are to be taken seriously. The fact is that between 1991 and 1995 Anibaldi released about 15 absolutely genius and groundbreaking EP’s or LP’s, and aside from one promo in 2002, he hasn’t released one single record ever since. Weird, but I guess it’s all part of the Anibaldi-mystery. Truly a top class artist!

Brooker on Discogs
Four of the tracks on this EP are fairly non-descript in my opinion, and then there’s Bassbar. Two words – absolutely awesome. The way the synth riff builds and ocillates over the sub, combined with the break make this almost perfect, and well ahead of it’s time. Proof that simple is often best – an absolute classic.


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  1. bloody hell! i take my hat off to you sir, this selection is fantasic

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