DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer – In Effect [1994]

Its a close call, but I think Slammers original mix of In Effect is the better, with the DJ Slipmatt remix comming in a very very close second. The double A side to Dont Need Your Love (yeah, ever heard that? no me neither). A guaranteed gurner, awesome breakbeat and that Piano. Simple and awesome.

From Discogs
One of the greatest records ever made – and probably one of the first to coin the “happy hardcore tag” – Red Alert and Mike Slammer’s seminal release “In Effect” blew my mind when i first heard it – their then trademark blend of dreamy chords (this time nicked from plutonic by bizarre inc.) with heavy mashed up breaks, crazy rave stabs and tons upon tons of bass – make for something which will either change the way you think about things for ever.. Or scare the living shit out of you.. Or both.. They certainly don’t make stuff like this anymore


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  1. the soundtrack to my youth, bad bwoy! 3.10 mins in… perfection.

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