Cybersonik – Technarchy [1991]

Cybersonik were Daniel Bell, Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva. All hailing from Detroit during those Cybersonik years producing a slew of classic acid driven stormers.

From Discogs
Daniel Bell
While living in Detroit during the 90’s, Daniel Bell created a new musical vocabulary for techno music based on “Blips” and “Bleeps” and streamlined repetetive rhythms. His music went on to influence a generation of producers from Josh Wink and Richie Hawtin to the minimal house sound in Germany. Best known for his timeless classic “Losing Control” and releases on his label “Accelerate”.

Richie Hawtin
Canadian (British born) producer, label boss & Dj. Although mainly influenced by Detroit techno, Hawtin developed his own style ranging from harder noisy techno to deep minimal abstract acid, particularly under his best known alias Plastikman. Was involved in the development of the Final Scratch digital Dj technology and has continued to use new technology as it becomes available.

John Acquaviva
Ever since the founding of Plus 8 Records with partner Richie Hawtin in 1989 and the fame and success that came with it, John Acquaviva has been a driving force in the international music and club scene. Well known for his vast record collection of over 50.000 pieces of vinyl, spanning virtually the entire length of club music history AND having played through it as well, he is acknowledged by many as a DJ’s DJ. Recent projects include the development and introduction of Finalscratch.

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  1. makes me….. want to…. dance…… damn too late!

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