Benga – World War 7

Taken from Benga’s first CD only LP – “Newstep” on Benga Beats 2006

Widely regarded as one of the founding forefathers of the scene known as Dubstep, after early heads like El-B and Steve Gurley had laid the foundations on swung garage beats and post jungle rhythms along came Benga and Big Apple records. With ‘Newstep’ Benga delivers 15 rhythms previously only available direct from the man himself, now fully released as an essential document in the history of dubstep. Stylistically very close to the fruity flutes and skankin’ bass sound of Skream (with whom he collaborated on ‘the judgement’ and ‘hydro’ for Big Apple) Benga’s influence is indelibly marked on the productions of everyone from Omen to Digital Mystikz

Benga played a storming set for us in 2006 at a night we put on for KONTAKT, leicesters first and best regular Dubstep night (still going strong check myspace ). With a full soundystem, both Benga and Skream are in my opinion two of the finest Dubtep Dj’s/producers and a must see for any Dubstep fan.



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