KLF – What Time Is Love (Echo & The Bunnymen Mix) [1990]

Taken from : KLF, The Featuring Children Of The Revolution, The – What Time Is Love? (Remodelled & Remixed) .

“What Time Is Love?” became one of The KLF’s central tracks, dubbed their “three-note warhorse of a signature tune” by Bill Drummond, in reference to the three-note bassline which, together with a high-pitched refrain on two notes (B bending to F#) characterises the song.[2] In common with the singles “3 a.m. Eternal”, “Last Train to Trancentral” and “Justified and Ancient”, “What Time Is Love?” evolved through substantial reworkings, each new version taking elements of its predecessors and placing them in the context of a different musical genre. There were three main versions, released in 1988, 1990 and 1991, shifting The KLF’s sound from acid house through pop-house into heavy rock-oriented electronica.

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Notice any similarities between the legendary KLF riff and this? Hmm..


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